cocoon (2)I am a caterpillar. It is my willingness to transform and dissolve. It is not easy job or task in this planet to do so. But I do that without knowing what will happen to me and what will be the result? I do it because it might be I will be what you expect from me.

Moment of uncertain, we are being invited to evolve into something new. …Every next level of your life is demand a NEW you…Both individually and collectively we are being invite from within to enter on the next journey . We might say that God is calling us or the spirit is moving in us. Where is God?where is spirit? Nowhere else except right here and now among us and within us, in our presence moment.

There is story about young man who come to his teacher and said; how can I feel God inside me? The teacher answer; let go to swim in the lake near the temple. So both of them went to the lake for swimming. When the time both of them under the water, the teacher hold the young man and push his head under the water. The young man trying hard and struggle to come up from the water but the teacher strong enough to push the head of the young man for sometimes. Then the teacher release the young man from the water. With the gasping and panting of breath the young man shouted at his teacher. Why you did this to me? The young man sound angry with his teacher. But the teacher answer; now you know how you can feel God within you. What does it mean the young man asked? When you realized you can’t breathe then you realized how much you need God within. God is in the breath of your breath, is inside you. There is no distance. When there is no distance between you and your breath then there is no distance between you and God within.