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Well…i grow up in the small city of Solo central Java Indonesia. I am a wind-swayed bridge, a crossroads inhabited by whirlwinds … You say my name is strange? Just think about one virtue, yes FAITHFUL ….that was my father told me. I am a sort of spider woman hanging by one thin strand of web. 

What is the reality now, l can’t change whatever around me,  l can change my way to look into. We are the reality being. Visible! Tangible! What is reality in this very moment? Responding reality being a free? Questions need to be answered moment to moment. The answer will not change me. Live with the questions.

About God? Where is God? In heaven?  Limiting the existence of God. God is here! And present! When the image about God is changing, the behaviour changes. 

My existential is called to be authentic to the degree that it is in harmony with my life situation. I can not separate my life from the situation in which it is lived. I can not split my self development from the development of my situation. 

Realistic is different with just following whatever is going on, but to make a creative, and different situation and creation surround  in harmony.

“Who me, confused? Not so. Only your labels about me split me. 

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